Beefeater built-in barbecue discovery 1600S 5b inox

Our cast iron griddles and grills offer excellent heat distribution for great results.

The finish in the area of the controls in stainless steel makes it elegant and sophisticated and of the highest quality.


Beefeater built-in barbecue discovery 1600S 5b inox

Product Description

Beefeater built-in barbecue discovery 1600S 5b inox

Discover the pleasure of life outdoors with BeefEAter. Our Discovery® barbecues are ideal for any occasion. You will love how easy they are to use, your family and friends will enjoy the delicious flavors. Designed to impress, choose from stainless steel or black enamel, with rust-resistant grills. The new BeefEater Discovery® 1600E 5B is not only stunning in design, it is packed with features that make it one of a kind. The Discovery® 1600 is sleek and modern, compact and powerful, easy to clean and maintain, and a breeze to cook with Anti-Flare® technology. This is a very practical built-in barbecue with cast iron burners and stainless steel vaporizers. It has one of the most durable, flexible and efficient cooking systems available. Cast iron heats up quickly, maintains consistency, and lasts a long time. With 17 MJ of power to each burner, you can always turn the power down, allowing you to choose what you cook and how you cook it. And the stainless steel vaporizers efficiently disperse heat from the fire across the grill and griddle surface while reducing nuisance flare-ups. It is built to withstand high temperatures over time, the part where the burners are is made of high-quality porcelain-coated stainless steel. All parts of the barbecue are fully welded in all its parts, so moisture and fat do not enter the gaps, creating rust or burning. Oven lid or hood with a double layer of steel to maintain the temperature even better and allow first-class indirect cooking. Plus the window has an extra-large viewing window that lets you see what’s cooking. This BeefEater built-in barbecue is ideal for those who want a complete, practical and easy-to-use barbecue with Gourmet results. Watch your food cook to perfection with either the lid open or lid closed oven style through convection cooking and without the need for messy lava rocks or charcoal as all BeefEater gas barbecues they use exclusive stainless steel steamers to enhance the flavor of your food and allow even heat distribution. ELEGANT STAINLESS STEEL CONTROL PANEL Impeccable appearance, pure elegance.


PATENTED QUARTZ IGNITION IN EACH KNOB Patented quartz ignition integrated in the controls themselves with One Start ignition. Perfect temperature control at all times.


PLATE AND CAST IRON GRILL Our cast iron griddles and grills offer excellent heat distribution for great results. Cast iron is known for its rapid absorption and even distribution of heat. Cook more delicious foods on our spacious cast iron cooktop.

parrillas de hierro fundido beefeater discovery 1600

TASTE THE POWER Seal in flavor with powerful and durable 4kW cast iron burners. Perfect as part of an outdoor kitchen or as a stand-alone barbecue. It can be installed almost anywhere you want and if you prefer something more dynamic, you can always opt for the Discovery® models with an Australian barbecue cart.

PERFECT ADJUSTMENT The double-layer steel oven hood or lid (inside grade 304/outside grade 430), captures all the flavor and maintains the desired temperatures. Easily keep track of the barbecue’s internal temperature with the built-in thermometer. Lid that closes on itself to be able to bring the barbecue closer to the wall.

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  • Gas barbecue with 5 burners with double-layer oven cover in grade 304 stainless steel inside and grade 430 stainless steel outside, control area in grade 304 stainless steel
  • 5 cast iron burners.
  • Integrated thermometer in the lid.
  • Cooking surface with patented anti-corrosion treatment and matt porcelain finish.

COOKING ZONE: 96 x 49 cm (width x depth) 2 reversible grill of 32 x 49 cm + 1 reversible griddle of 32 x 49 cm TOTAL MEASURES: Length: 97.5 cm. x Depth: 55.5 cm. Height: 51.7 cm. (90.3 cm. lid open) TOTAL POWER: 20.83 kw

Additional Information

Weight 58 kg
Type of Barbecue

Built in

Type of fuel

Butane Gas, Propane, Natural Gas *(Natural gas converter kit not included)*

Main material

Stainless steel





No. burners



20,83 kW

Size with lid closed

97,5 cm. x 55,5 cm. x 51,7 cm.

Size with lid open

97,5 cm. x 55,5 cm. x 90,3 cm.

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