Beefeater Signature SL 4000 4B

Built-in 4-burner gas barbecue plus special wok side cooker with 304 grade stainless steel body, griddle, grill and burners.


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Product Description

The Beefeater Signature SL 4000 4b gas barbecue is made entirely of 304 grade stainless steel. It also has a built-in side burner that can be used as a wok, to make a sauce or to boil an egg. It allows incredible versatility while having a lot of power and a large cooking area making it possible to cook for many diners.

In addition, each remote is equipped with an LED light while cooking so that if the gas is on you will see it at a glance.

The integrated quartz and titanium-coated ignition guarantees optimal, long-lasting, battery-free ignition and the hassle of running out of batteries when you want to use it.

The deflectors and vaporizers system are patented and designed with an anti-flame technology, which reduces that the fats fall on the same producing flares or annoying splashes, at the same time that it reduces the loss of heat for a faster cooking and an economy of superior fuel.


Gas barbecue with 4 burners plus side stove fully integrated in stainless steel (Body, burners and cooking zone grade 304)
Exclusive and patented quartz ignition integrated in the controls.
LED light on the controls that lights up while the barbecue is in use.
Exclusive and patented heat deflectors and vaporizers.
Front panel vents to prevent overheating.
Embedding strips integrated into the barbecue chassis.
LIFT EASE lid opening system, with this opening system, the barbecue can be glued to the wall so that when the lid is opened it will not hit it.
Stainless steel griddle, grill and burners.
Thermometer built into the lid.
Panoramic window.
Solid, anti-corrosion and hygienic grade 304 stainless steel cooking surface.


80 x 48 cm (length x depth)
2 reversible grill of: 32 x 48 cm and 16 x 48 cm + 1 reversible plate of 32 x 48 cm


Length: 118.1 cm.
Depth: 57 cm.
Height: 52.5 cm. (71.50 cm. Lid open)


TOTAL: 26.3 kW
BURN: 5.8 KW
Warming rack: 75 x 14 cm.

  • 4 exclusive and patented stainless steel vaporizers heat deflectors.
  • Exclusive and patented quartz ignition integrated in the controls.
  • Grease collection tray.
  • Front panel vents to prevent overheating.
  • LIFT EASE lid opening system, with this opening system, you can stick the barbecue to the wall so that when you open the lid, it will not hit the wall.
  • All BeefEater models, by purchasing a conversion kit, can be used with natural gas.

Additional information

Weight 87 kg
Type of Barbecue

Built in

Type of fuel

Butane Gas, Propane, Natural Gas *(Natural gas converter kit not included)*

Main material

Stainless steel




SL 4000

No. burners



26,3 kW

Cooking surface material

Stainless Steel

Side stove


Ignition type

Exclusive and patented quartz in all burners

Size with lid closed

118,1 cm x 57 cm x 52,5 cm.

Size with lid open

118,1 cm x 57 cm x 71,5 cm.

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