Everdure Fusion®

Everdure Fusion. With a bold and slim design, the first time your guests take a look at it, they will wonder what it is. It won’t take long to win them over. Actually only 10 minutes.


Everdure Fusion®

Product Description

Everdure Fusion

Whether you are a newbie to charcoal or a grill professional, you will be fascinated by the simplicity and style of the Fusion BBQ. Its name comes from the fusion of coal and electricity in this wonderful model that heats and prepares fuel in just 10 minutes thanks to its built-in 1800W electrical resistance.

Prepare the charcoal in 10 minutes:
As its name suggests, Fusion is a mixture of coal and electricity, since at the base of the coal tank there is an electrical resistance of 1800 W with which we will prepare the coal in just 10 minutes and simply by pressing a button. , thanks to its Fast Flame Ignition system.

Built-in rotisserie system:
The Rotiscope Technology system places a mast on each side of the grill, the masts can be hidden inside the table if the rotisserie is not going to be used, or they can be raised to three different levels of height, depending on what we want to cook and what intensity.

The rotisserie spike easily rests on the masts and supports 15 kg. of weight.

Absolute food grip:
The Cliplock system squeezes and secures the forks to the rotisserie and keeps the food completely firm in its position while the skewer rotates slowly.

Quality and design:
From the integrated masts, through the invisible motor, to the retractable plug, and the windproof cover, Heston Blumenthal has paid attention to every detail so that its barbecues not only provide quality, but a minimalist Danish design of the most elegant.

Impeccable cleaning:

The steel charcoal tank is completely enamelled in Porcelain, which makes cleaning infinitely easier than on a conventional barbecue.

Cook and load charcoal at the same time:
Thanks to the hinged grill we can easily remove or add more fresh charcoal to the tank without stopping cooking at any time.


  • Ready to cook in 10 minutes thanks to the Fast Flame ignition system.
  • 1800 W electrical resistance.
  • Cooking surface: 48 x 34 cm.
  • The electronic control cooks alone.
  • Retractable rotisserie supports with various heights and internal motor.
  • Skewer with 15 kg. capacity.
  • The Cliplock system keeps food steady on the forks.
  • Compartment to store the skewer and Cliplock forks.
  • Includes a grill cover that doubles as a rear windshield.
  • Elegant and contemporary design.
  • 1.5 m plug. retractable.
  • Porcelain enamelled steel carbon tray and tank.
  • Hinged chrome grill to add load while still cooking.
  • It includes a pedestal foot that provides the perfect height for cooking.
  • Easy to clean.

Additional Information

Weight 41.2 kg
Type of Barbecue

Free standing

Type of fuel


Body Material

Black Enamelled Porcelain

Pedestal Material

Stainless Steel

Ignition type

Electric, Flast Flame Ignition System®


73 x 41 x 90 cm.

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