Grill for Kamado Monolith Icon & Junior

The 6mm thick steel cooktop with a diameter of 600mm is placed on top of the grill for kamado Monolith icon & junior. It is recommended to cure the iron by burning oil on it before the first use!


Grill for Kamado Monolith Icon & Junior

Product Description

Steel plate for the ICON and JUNIOR models by Kamado Monolith.

The lid of the kamado ICON and JUNIOR PRO 2.0 Series can be removed thanks to the hinge and the steel cooking plate can be placed on top.

The grill for Kamado Monolith Icon & Junior can be used as a grill, griddle or teppanyaki at different temperatures.

With the iron, the temperature is very high in the areas located directly above the heat source, that is, in the 33 cm diameter of the kamado and a little lower in the outer parts where the iron protrudes, in the 27 cm remaining outside diameter. This way you can seal or fry the meat in the middle and then move it to the outer parts so that it finishes cooking and stays warm.


  • Steel plate to be used without the removable dome of the kamado ICON and JUNIOR.
  • Product developed with the prestigious German chef Kochguru TIM MÄLZER
  • Dimensions (Ø x H): 60 cm diameter x 6 mm thick.
  • Weight: 14 Kg.

Additional Information

Weight 14 kg
Main material


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