Monolith Basic with Trolley & 46cm Tables

Want a pure kamado with no frills and no frills because you’re a barbecue stickler?
Then the BASIC model is your Kamado barbecue. We explain below the differences with his sister of him, the Classic model.


Monolith Basic with Trolley & 46cm Tables

Product Description

Monolith Basic with Trolley & 46cm Tables

How is the Kamado Monolith Basic barbecue?
The basic Kamado Monolith barbecue is a simplified version in the finishes and basic equipment compared to the Monolith Classic model but it maintains all the cooking functions.

The Kamado Monolith Basic barbecue has a cooking grate diameter of 46 cm like its Classic sister and can, like all Kamado Monoliths, grill, cook, smoke, bake, cook pizza and bread and can also use all compatible Monolith accessories with the Classic model.

In terms of quality, the Basic is in no way inferior to the Classic model. But it is clear that some features and some finishes are missing in the eyes of the beholder.

For example, the feeding system for the insertion of chips and pellets for smoking is missing, as are the two stainless steel bands on the base and lid. However, the Monolith Basic model has no limits and can be completed, like the other models, with numerous accessories such as rotisserie, cast iron grill, pizza stone, wok system, etc.

The cooking grate area, which can be expanded with the optional additional cooking grate for a second and third level of cooking, is large enough to allow you to cook more dishes and side dishes at the same time.

This Kamado model is only available in black and only in the version with trolley and bamboo side shelves.

Features Monolith Classic vs Basic with trolley.

Price including VAT € 1,599.90 € 949.90
Structure composition Ceramic Ceramic
Weight 115 kg. 115 kg.
Standard trolley yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Finishes 304 stainless steel Steel painted
Side shelves in bamboo yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Diameter of main cooking grate 46 cm. 46 cm.
Type of cooking grate 2 stainless steel half moons 1 round grill of 1 single piece
Black color yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Red color yes ✔  no X
Pellet insertion system yes ✔  no X
Extendable cooking surface with additional grates. yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Bamboo wood side shelves yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Brasero Pro Series 2.0 Smart Grid System yes ✔  no  X
Traditional grill and brazier system no  X yes ✔ 
Charcoal Basket yes ✔  no X
Handle remove grill yes ✔  no X
Direct cooking yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Indirect cooking yes ✔  yes ✔ 
Smoker yes ✔  yes  ✔ 

Interior model Classic (left) vs Basic (right)

Basic equipment INCLUDED of the Monolith Basic model with trolley:

  • Ceramic glass of fire / brazier.
  • Ceramic hoop:
    Improves the operation of the Kamado since it separates the racks that are placed above by about 10 cm. from the embers.
    Distribute the weight of the ceramic glass.
    It has an opening that matches that of the kamado body and allows you to insert shavings to smoke without having to open it.
  • Bottom protector.
  • Deflector stone with elevator. The deflector stone protects the food from the flames of the embers and from direct heat. In this way food can be cooked indirectly gently and slowly without burning.
  • Dustpan to remove ashes.
  • Valve and ash catch grate, both made of cast iron.
  • Stainless steel trolley, wheels with brakes and stainless steel hardware.
  • Bamboo wood side tables.

Additional Information

Weight 115 kg
Type of Barbecue


Type of fuel


Main material

Black enamelled porcelain, Stainless steel

Pedestal Material

Painted steel




71 cm x 59 cm x 120 cm, without tables

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