Monolith Lechef Serie PRO 2.0 55Ø without Trolley

Monolith’s flagship
The Monolith lechef serie pro is the largest barbecue in our range with a weight of 140 kg and a grill diameter of 55 cm extendable in height up to 3 cooking levels.

It is the ideal option for those who love to cook all kinds of recipes.


Monolith Lechef Serie PRO 2.0 55Ø without Trolley

Product Description

Up to 60 kg load
Monolith LeChef is the ideal kamado for cooking large amounts of meat or for cooking many different dishes at the same time.

Grilling, smoking, baking, boiling, or broiling, everything is possible on an unprecedented scale.

Our Intelligent Grill System, with four height adjustments, provides maximum flexibility and makes the Monolith LeChef perfect for parties, barbecues, mobile food stands, restaurants and caterers.

Our unique wood chip, pellet or wood chip feed system allows you to add smoke shavings directly to the hot charcoal, without having to lift the lid!

Wide range of accessories
The functionality of the Kamado Monolith LeChef barbecue can be expanded thanks to a wide assortment of accessories such as the rotisserie, cast iron grills, refractory stone for pizza and bread, wok system and even a Fry-top griddle that make the Kamado Monolith a true outdoor kitchen.

LeChef is available in black, with or without a trolley, with bamboo side tables or with the option of a teak wood “Buggy” trolley with a stainless steel frame and wheels. It is also perfect for your own designer outdoor kitchen.

In the version without cart, the bamboo shelves are not supplied but it does come with ceramic feet to improve stability when placed on a surface or embedded in an outdoor kitchen.

The Kamado Monolith is an excellence of German design and engineering, as it embodies a simple concept: “beautiful is what works”. It was created to have many unique features in a single system: design and quality, technological innovation and functionality, practicality and performance that cannot be compared to other systems.

Monolith LeChef pro series 2.0 Features:

  • Made of extremely heat resistant ceramic and high quality stainless steel.
  • All Kamado Monoliths are equipped with a high quality stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced gasket.
  • In addition, now all models have new cast iron exhaust (draft) valves, with a new sliding system that provides greater stability to regulate the air flow.
  • Improved hinges.
  • Fully compatible with Pro Series 1.0 innovations
  • Ready for GURU. New opening with adapter for intelligent electronic temperature control.

The Kamado Monolith is the Kamado with the largest range of accessories on the market.

Included basic equipment of the Monolith LeChef Pro Series 2.0:

  • Segmented ceramic fire cup / brazier.
  • Ceramic hoop:
    Improves the operation of the Kamado since it separates the racks that are placed above by about 10 cm. from the embers.
    Distribute the weight of the ceramic glass.
    It has an opening that matches that of the kamado body and allows you to insert shavings to smoke without having to open it.
  • Stainless steel charcoal basket:
    With the charcoal basket, the air flow inside the ceramic bowl is considerably improved. Thanks to its practical handles, it can be easily removed for better cleaning of the Monolith.
  • Ceramic deflector for indirect cooking in two pieces on a stainless steel structure that allows different heights.
    Thanks to the two-piece, crescent-shaped design of the deflector, drip tray and grill, two different temperature zones can be set for kamado and different cooking. With the deflector stones the possibilities of direct and indirect cooking are increased.
  • Half moon grill
  • Accessories for smoking. Wood chips feeding system for smoking without the need to open the Kamado.
  • Dustpan to remove ashes.
  • Tool to remove the racks.
  • New Pro 2.0 Series valve and ash trap, both made of cast iron.
  • Enamelled ceramic feet in the model without trolley included.


Thanks to the extreme ease of use and flexibility of kamado, you can use it for different types of cooking, rediscovering all the traditional tastes and flavors and discovering new ones that, only with firewood and charcoal you can get. In addition, with the addition of other accessories you can expand the types of cooking with your Monolith.

With this method, the grill grate is placed in the ring of the Monolith and without the ceramic baffle so that it gives direct heat from the embers to the food. You have to turn the food so that it cooks on both sides.

Using the Kamado Monolith for indirect cooking (oven) will make you immediately understand the difference with any other cooking instrument.
Between the food and the embers, the ceramic deflector is interposed. This deflector consists of two pieces, a lifting metal part and a ceramic disc (1 disc in Junior and Icon models and 1 disc divided into 2 half-moons in Classic and LeChef models) that prevents the flames from rising and makes the food is cooked by convection and conduction. The food is placed on the grill that is above the deflector.
With indirect roasting, very large pieces of meat or fish can be cooked slowly at a low temperature and smoked if desired to taste, as well as roasts, stews, vegetables, casseroles and ultimately to cook whatever you want.

The Kamado Monolith barbecue can cook authentic Pizzas with the same flavor as cooking in a wood oven. Temperatures up to 350/400 ° C are easily reached and you can cook the perfect Pizza in up to 3 minutes, or lower the temperature and cook the bread.

There is no need to invest in a separate oven, you just need the riser deflector stone. The elevator is placed and on top of it the deflector stone.

Additional Information

Type of Barbecue

Built in

Type of fuel


Main material

Black enamelled porcelain, Stainless steel


Pro 2.0


80 cm x 72 cm x 85 cm

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