Monolith Molten Iron SGS System for Classic

The crescent-shaped cast iron griddle for the Monolith Molten Iron SGS System for Classic occupies half the surface of the Classic’s grill and can be used in conjunction with one of the cast iron or stainless steel grills.


Monolith Molten Iron SGS System for Classic

Product Description

The perfect complement. This griddle can replace one of the semi-circular stainless steel grills in the Smart Grid System of the Kamado Classic barbecue and offers unparalleled functionality

The griddle is ideal for preparing pancakes, scrambled eggs, seafood and any other smaller size food so that it does not fall through the holes in the grill

What is the Smart Grid System?

The SGS is a unique system that allows not only direct and indirect cooking but also to configure, thanks to the half-moon design, two different temperature zones.

With the SGS with metal frame and detachable handle, it is also possible to lift the entire system (including 2 racks, 2 deflector stones and 2 grease trays) to remove or insert it into the Monolith.

Here we can see the detail of the system and the ceramic baffle for indirect cooking in two pieces on the stainless steel structure that allows different heights.
Thanks to the two-piece, crescent-shaped design of the deflector, drip tray and grill, two different temperature zones can be set for kamado and different cooking. With the deflector stones the possibilities of direct and indirect cooking are increased.

In the case of acquiring the cast iron griddle, we simply replace it with one of the semi-circular stainless steel grills.


  • High quality cast iron.
  • Dimensions (Ø / 2 x H): 45.5 x 1 cm. Half the total diameter of the Classic’s cooking surface.

Additional Information

Main material

Molten iron

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