Monolith UltraQ BBQ Control + Guru Cable for BBQ Ed. Guru

A new generation of temperature controllers that is already the new standard – create a perfect cooking result with the monolith ultraq bbq control device with its unique Status Q illuminated ring and app control via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Kamado Monolith GURU version models come with an integrated fan to which you can connect the electronic controller with a temperature sensor that automatically regulates the air flow.

In addition, all Monolith Pro Series 2.0 are ready to convert to a GURU version. All models come with a pre-installed adapter for the BBQ-GURU fan and control that you can purchase whenever you want.


Monolith UltraQ BBQ Control + Guru Cable for BBQ Ed. Guru

Product Description

What does the BBQ GURU Monolith ultraq bbq control include?


  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN (with WLAN connection which can also be controlled via ShareMyCook)
  • Adjustable by application and manual operation.
  • 1 probe to control the temperature of the barbecue.
  • Possibility of up to 3 food probes simultaneously (1 food probe is included)
  • BBQ setting mode to select.
  • LED frame with color status representation.
  • LCD screen
  • Versatile 5-in-1 stand.
  • Coiled power cord connects your built-in fan on your Kamado Monolith Guru Edition
  • barbecue to your BBQ Guru temperature controller.
  • 12 Volt rechargeable battery with up to 17 hours of uninterrupted operation and charger included.

In collaboration with our American partner BBQ Guru, we have created the most advanced Monolith barbecue on the market where tradition and innovation come together.

The GURU intelligent complete system consists of:

  • A smart fan, which comes by default in the GURU edition.
  • On all Pro 2.0 Series models that are not GURU edition, it is available separately as they now all come with a pre-installed fan adapter.
  • And, in addition, you can choose an intelligent temperature control device with sensor that is available in different versions: DynaQ. and UltraQ.

The Kamado barbecue does not include but requires to convert it into a GURU version, the temperature control system to work together with the fan. If you already have your kamado GURU edition barbecue, this model is ideal and if not, we recommend that you study the different controls and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Combined operation: BBQ Guru fan + BBQ Guru smart controller

The BBQ Guru intelligent controller has a temperature sensor that, placed on the grill grate, is the one that monitors the temperature of the cooking space and then, the digital control unit (BBQ Guru), is the one that regulates the control of temperature.

If the temperature of the cooking space drops, the fan blows air (oxygen) into the combustion chamber and causes the charcoal to generate higher temperatures. Once the target temperature has been reached, the fan only blows air in batches so that it maintains the target temperature previously set on the BBQ Guru smart device.

The device is available in 2 different versions but if you do not purchase it at the moment and therefore there will be no BBQ Gurú control device connected, you can simply regulate the flow of oxygen manually with the opening of the shot.

The manual control works very well even without electronic assistance, as long as the ambient temperature (for example, during the night) does not change significantly. This means that once the draft has been adjusted, the temperature remains constant for many hours.

The main difference is that with the brain of the system (the BBQ Guru control), once connected to the fan, it will give you remote access to your cooking session and once you are connected, you can adjust the temperature and receive alerts while running errands, you work, you are at the office, with your family, watching a movie … that is, it gives you complete freedom. And this is where it makes a difference and is really worth it as it is capable of operating on autopilot for more than 24 hours on approximately 2.5 – 3 kg of coal.

Using the UltraQ device, sync your Monolith with the cloud and with the add-on features on the website.

Join our online community; Create and share recipes with other barbecue and cookery enthusiasts, see how other experts use kamado, upload photos of your best dishes, and meet and encourage others to share your passion for cooking.

This function allows the temperature of the cooking space to be lowered before the core temperature of the food is reached. If the temperature ramp mode is set to (rAY), it is activated at a low temperature (approximately 110 ° C). This mode is used for “long cooking”, with the idea that the food is not overcooked.

This function gradually reduces the cooking space temperature to the set temperature of the center of the food as soon as the difference between the temperatures detected by the cooking space sensor and the core temperature sensor is approximately 10 ° C. The control unit maintains the cooking space temperature slightly above the core temperature as long as charcoal (fuel) is available.

This function allows the set temperature to be quickly restored after opening the lid. If the “Cover open” option is set to (oLY) in the menu, the cover open detection is activated. When the lid is opened, the temperature drops. This sudden cooling can cause the fan to “force” the combustion of charcoal (fuel) and the desired cooking temperature to be exceeded after the lid is closed. This mode detects if the oven lid is open and minimizes fan operation during this time.

The temperature always increases if the cooking space lid is opened and closed frequently, even if the fan is off. In the factory setting, the “Flip open” mode is always activated. Disable this feature if you have excessive airflow problems. In order to avoid false alarms, when this mode is activated, no alarm sounds when the temperature drops and the lid is open.

To grill well is to know the right combination of time and temperature.

Uneven temperature fluctuations on the barbecue cause food to dry out or burn, so you need to keep an eye on the grill at all times and adjust the air supply over and over again.

With BBQ Guru DynaQ, these problems are gone forever. The controller monitors and controls the temperature of the embers in real time, so that you are well informed at all times.

Plus, you can measure the core temperature of your barbecue food to take it off the grill at the perfect time. Because only you are the owner of your own barbecue, so don’t leave anything to chance.

Intuitive and ultra-modern design: the luminous Q status ring.

Although it is still something very new on the market, the Status Q light ring is already a complete change in the field of barbecue. At a glance, you are informed about the status of your food and DynaQ activities. so you can focus and see all the information quickly at the crucial moments.

The temperature of the embers is not yet at the desired level. The blue light indicates that the grill is still in the warm-up phase.

When the outer ring turns red and flashes on the sides, the DynaQ or UltraQ runs its variable flow fan to precisely maintain temperature. In case something unexpected happens, the Status Q light ring will help you
immediately upon fully blinking.

Mobile Friendly


You wanted it, we developed it!

The BBQ Guru app gives your smartphone full control over the device, regardless of whether it is iOS or Android.

With the BBQ Guru app you can set your desired temperature, monitor your meat in real time, and change your barbecue settings.

Use the app for a safe barbecue experience and don’t rely on chance. Whether you’re playing in the garden with the kids, relaxing by the pool, or sitting with friends and family, a quick glance at your phone gives you the certainty that your kamado is going well and cooking in complete control.

High-precision digital temperature sensors are critical to the precise temperature control of the DynaQ and UltraQ. Every BBQ Guru system comes with these improved, rugged, dishwasher safe probes.

One of the sensors is connected to the grill grate to accurately measure the temperature of the embers inside your barbecue. The other sensor is placed on the food so you can monitor the core temperature of the food while it is grilling.

After enjoying barbecue, you can easily clean the sensors by hand or in the dishwasher. They are suitable for temperatures up to 200 °, while the sturdy sheathed wires protect them against breakage and damage.

Our new support is here! The elegant base has numerous functions with which you can easily use your BBQ Guru in any circumstance, regardless of your grill.

Non-slip rubber feet allow your controller to attach to virtually any flat surface without slipping or scratching the surface. Alternatively, the rubber feet can be removed, exposing the screw holes so the bracket can be firmly attached to wood or similar surfaces.

Thanks to the integrated rotating head, the controller points exactly where you want it, for a perfect view, no matter where you are.

We have also incorporated a strong magnet into the base of the mount for added flexibility so that it can be attached to almost any cold metal surface.

It can be combined with almost all grills and smokers on the market.

Because we know that there are hundreds of barbecues on the market, we have a solution for almost all models. The BBQ Guru controllers will fit perfectly on almost any charcoal or wood burning barbecue, and probably yours too. Finding a suitable adapter or suitable barbecue is very easy: find out by contacting us and we will advise you if your grill is compatible or obtain advice from your nearest specialized dealer.

Dyna Q vs Ultra Q features

Features Dyna Q Ultra Q
Price VAT included (without cable) € 319.90 € 379.90
BBQ temperature control yes ✔ yes ✔
Temperature control food probe 1 probe Up to 3 probes, 3 foods.
Flip open detection yes ✔ yes ✔
Ramp mode yes ✔ yes ✔
Ring light yes ✔ yes ✔
Temperature LED display no X yes ✔
Screen scan no X yes ✔
Timer yes ✔ yes ✔
Food ready alarm no X yes ✔
Bluetooth application for IOS and Android yes ✔ yes ✔
Email and text notifications no X yes ✔
WiFi and ShareMyCook no X yes ✔
Brasero Pro Series 2.0 Smart Grid System yes ✔ no X
Voice control no X yes ✔ Amazon Alexa
Smart cook yes ✔ yes ✔
Maximum temperature 475 475
Versatile 5-in-1 Guru Mount Yes ✔ Yes ✔
ºF or ºC yes ✔ yes ✔
Visual indicator of fan operation yes ✔ yes ✔


High quality digital thermocouple for food temperature. It inserts into your food and measures the internal temperature.

It detects if you open the grill lid, which causes large fluctuations in temperature. This smart feature helps compensate for it, avoiding unwanted temperature spikes.

When enabled, this mode identifies when your food is approaching the desired “meal ready” temperature and turns off the fan, helping to prevent food from overcooking.

DynaQ and UltraQ are equipped with a patent pending status light ring feedback system. The ring changes color according to the temperature of the barbecue and will flash to show fan activity or flash to receive warnings.

The “Q-Tail” in the UltraQ’s status light ring employs an innovative screen scan function. The Q-Tail will illuminate in one of four colors, one at a time, and display the temperature of each digital temperature probe.

DynaQ and UltraQ Bluetooth app connect to your phone’s BBQ Guru app via Bluetooth, so you can monitor and control your cook right from your pocket.

The UltraQ can connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With Guru’s companion website, you can chart your cooks and recipes and then share them online with friends, family, and fans.

With an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, you can control and monitor your controller with just the sound of your voice.

Smart Cooking Choose the ideal SMART COOK setting and the variable flow rate of the fan will automatically adjust and customize based on the size and type of grill.

Configure your control in five different ways with the versatile Guru mount. Now you can place your DynaQ or UltraQ on virtually any surface, or even nail it into wood or concrete, giving you maximum accessibility to your temperature controller.

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