Monolith deflector Stones Half Moon & Classic Elevator

Ceramic semicircular deflector stones for indirect cooking in the Kamado Monolith Classic barbecue. Includes stainless steel riser for a perfect fit inside the kamado.


Monolith deflector Stones Half Moon & Classic Elevator

Product Description

Monolith deflector Stones Half Moon & Classic Elevator

An effective protection against direct heat that allows food to cook just right. They are easily placed.

The crescent-shaped baffles, used in conjunction with the charcoal basket, allow you to create different heat zones in the Monolith Classic, allowing you to cook with direct and indirect heat at the same time.

The set consists of two ceramic crescent-shaped baffles and a stainless steel riser.

By placing one of the two baffles on the riser, you can cook food with indirect heat in one half and roast it with direct heat in the other.

Baffles protect food from direct heat, allowing large cuts of meat to cook to perfection.

The new lift design for the Monolith Classic allows you to position the second level grill over the baffles, thus doubling the available grill area.


  • Semicircular ceramic stones
  • Stainless steel riser
  • Deflector stones dimensions (Ø x H): 32 x 16 x 1.2 cm each.
  • Deflector dimensions (Ø x H): 39 x 6 cm.

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